Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone!

I’m Yish! And I am a Singaporean studying Masters of Pharmacy in University of Manchester. As I am in my final year, I will be expecting to graduate in July 2019.  As of now, I cannot confirm if I will remain in UK for another year to do my pre-registration or return back to Singapore right after graduation.

This is a personal blog and I will share some of my student life experiences, particularly with regards to travelling. But I am also using this platform to write guides on a few of my interests. I am a darts player and am part of the school team in University of Manchester Darts Society. Other sports that I like are football, cycling, tennis and bowling. I also love video games and currently enjoy Battlefield, DOTA 2, Hearthstone and Pro Evolution Soccer Club Manager (PESCM).

The plan in the near future is to upload guides on how to play darts and the game PESCM.

I hope you enjoy the content that I post and if you have any questions about the material of my guides, please feel free to comment. I am really excited to share my insight with you all.

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