PES Club Manager for beginners: Introduction to the game

Welcome to my guide on Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) Club Manager, also known as PESCM. This is a football management game available on App Store and Google Play.

In my opinion, PES Club Manager is the best football management game available.

I have been playing this game since October 2016, and I am currently in Top Player Division 7, the third highest tier in PES Club Manager (See my profile below as of 12th November 2018). I believe I have the nous and experience to guide new players in their journey to create a successful team.

Recently on 30th October 2018, the new 2018-19 season has finally arrived. All the club players and statistics have been updated. This is definitely a good time to get started.


Creating your club

Firstly, you need to choose a club from a variety of football leagues around the world. Most of them are based in Europe.

Almost all the football clubs that exist in reality have altered names (e.g. Manchester United → Man Red). You then need to create a name for yourself (The manager) and for your club.

When you are done registering your club, you will be offered 4 gift players. These are all 6-7 star players, but you can only choose one.

I recommend getting a forward or an attacking midfielder (AMF) since every team needs a reliable goal scorer or attacking threat. The rest of the team will consist of random players; some of them actually playing for the club that you selected.

Starting the season

Before starting the season, you will be required to sign a contract with a sponsor (See below picture) to receive a basic payment, and possibly earn an additional reward if you fulfill a bonus condition during that season.

You will receive 7 million GP and 6 PES Coins right away

As you progress through higher divisions, you will get sponsors that provide more challenging but rewarding bonus conditions.

At the beginning, you will be placed in the Entry Division with 3 other teams. This is like a tutorial to the game, so there should be no reason for you to lose at all and not promote to the Beginner Division.

The team that you are provided at the start of your career is capable enough to progress through the 5 divisions of the Beginner Division. So, don’t worry about making drastic changes to your squad right away.

Experiment with the default starting 11, formation and tactics and observe how your team performs.

But an important reminder: Play with 3D visuals. Otherwise you can’t see what your players are doing on the pitch.

Rookie promotions

In the new 2018-19 season update, PES Club Manager has become more welcoming towards new players by offering lots of rewards.

The game already has a login bonus every day, but rookie promotions give new players additional rewards (See below pictures). These rewards are highly beneficial to help you strengthen your team quickly.


There are a variety of rewards that you can obtain, but they usually revolve around the two forms of currency in PES Club Manager:
1) GP. Mainly used to pay for your team’s wages and construct/upgrade buildings in your hometown. GP is easily earned from playing matches.

2) PES coins. Mainly used to scout players. PES coins are significantly harder to obtain than GP. They are usually earned from login bonuses and completing time-limited or regular achievements.

In this beginner’s guide, I will cover the essentials that beginner players need to know ranging from game features to tips on managing your team. But for now, just download the game and start playing!

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