PES Club Manager for beginners: Player attributes

When you have an idea of the playstyle and tactics you want to use, the next step is to decide what sort of players will best fit into your team. To assess the player attributes in PES Club Manager, go to “Contract” in the main menu and press on “Player list”. Then press on the player that you want to view the attributes of. I will be using Kylian Mbappé as the example throughout this post.

There is an overwhelming amount of stats to consider in PES Club Manager. Do not sign players just because they have the highest rarity (i.e. 7-star players). Player abilities and skills will be covered in a post about drafting an ideal first team. Limit break and special traits will be covered in a post about player development. Besides those areas, you will want to consider the following before signing anyone:

Development sheet

The development sheet gives you a rough idea of how a player’s overall rating progresses throughout his career. With individual training, you can significantly accelerate the player’s overall rating beyond what the graph forecasts. You will usually retire a player when you notice that his rating keeps decreasing after every match and he is no longer able to perform his role well (e.g. A forward that just can’t score).

The player’s development type determines the pattern of the graph. As shown below, Mbappé is a regular developer. Regular developers peak in their late 20s and start declining as they approach their mid 30s. Early developers reach their peak in their mid 20s and start declining in their early 30s. Late developers reach their peak in their late 20s, but their careers last longer than all other players. If you need a key player that can quickly gel with your team and boost the overall team performance, then signing an early developer is definitely justified.

Mbappé’s actual value is significantly higher than his base value due to training

There is one more development type called Genius. This is the best development type since the player reaches his peak early AND has a long career lifespan. Consider yourself very lucky to have a player with this!


Players in PES Club Manager are often capable of playing more than one position. The stats shown in the player details clearly state what is the player’s best position. Mbappé’s best position is centre forward (CF) as he is a highly talented striker in reality. Midfielders tend to be the more versatile players.

Playing style

There are 17 different playing styles in PES Club Manager covering goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards. These playing styles come with the players when you first sign them, and can be transferred to another teammate of the same rarity after retirement. Each player can have up to 2 playing styles, but you can only activate one of them before each match.

Be aware that some players have playing styles that do not complement their most preferred position. Mbappé’s playing style is “Hole player”, which is suited for pacey players that make runs into the opposition’s goal area during attacks. But this playing style is not active for the CF position. This can be seen below where the “Hole player” playing style (Circled in red below) is greyed out when Mbappé is played as a CF.

Favourite action during possession

There are 7 types of favourite actions during possession. As shown in the picture below, Mbappé basically has all the favourite actions pertaining to dribbling, indicating that he is the true personification of a flair player.

The other 3 favourite actions are long passes, early crosses and middle range shooting. As someone who likes to play long passing counter-attacking football, players that like long passes and early crosses are perfect for my team.

Player skills

There are 28 player skills in PES Club Manager. Obviously, the more skills a player has, the more talented he is. Unlike playing style, player skills can be obtained through individual training in player development. Mbappé has 2 player skills that enhance his dribbling abilities and a skill that improves his accuracy when taking first-time shots.

In general, I look for defenders with man-marking and track back skills for more tenacious defending. To complement my long passing playstyle, I get midfielders with pinpoint crossing and weighted pass for better accuracy. Captaincy and fighting spirit are good player skills for any player to have in order to get the best out of the team.

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