PES Club Manager for beginners: Acquiring players

Once you have identified the players you need in your team, the next step is to acquire them. In PES Club Manager, obtaining decent players is not a difficult feat. By decent, I mean players that have at least a 5-star rarity, although some 4-star players can work like a charm if played in a suitable team composition.

When you first start out in PES Club Manager, your team will only consist of players that are of 4-star rarity or lower (Except for the star player you signed at the beginning). Luckily, it is easy to obtain 5-star players from player contact rewards to help boost your team quickly. There are 5 ways to acquire players in PES Club Manager:

Youth players

After you have built your youth academy, you can dispatch the youth scout to help obtain a bunch of youth players. These youth players can be trained for up to 5 sessions before promoting them to the first team. Or you could just skip the training and promote them right away.

Even with a Level 6 youth academy, I still commonly get youth players of 2-4 star rarity. While such players are not useless in Beginner Division, I don’t think it is worth the trouble to train low rarity youth players, especially 1-2 star rarity. If you like to make good use of youth players in Beginner Division, you should prioritise upgrading your youth academy to at least Level 3 before building other facilities.

If you are lucky enough to scout a 5-star youth player, you should definitely consider promoting him to the first team.


The way the market works is you pay 1 PES coin to place a bid in GP on players. The highest bid wins the auction and the right to sign the player on a contract.

The market can be good for managers in Beginner Division because you can get decent 3-star players playing a certain position that you desperately need. But as you progress to higher divisions, the market becomes less useful.

Even with a Level 7 scouting agency and being in Top Player Division, I still only encounter 4-star players at best in the market. At this stage, I would even deem the market as completely useless to me since I have many player contacts at my disposal.

Football agent offer

At the start of each season, you will get to select one of 3 players from the football agent offer. Since the players on offer are in their late 20s, they are generally at the peak of their careers. But such players are unlikely to last long in your club since they are already old.

In Top Player Division, you will get at least 5-star players from the football agent offer as shown below. But in Beginner Division, you get players ranging from 1-4 stars. You are generally looking to sign a player that not only plays in a certain position, but someone you believe would provide immediate impact in your team without needing additional player development training.

Contact scouts

Most of the players that you sign in PES Club Manager will come from contact scouts. Player contacts (Circled in red below) are obtained from bonuses for logging into the game or completing achievements. The most common player contacts you can earn are the Silver Contact (Random 5-7 star player) and Gold Contact (Random 6-7 star player). You can choose to stockpile as many player contacts as you like and save them for the future.

You will regularly encounter time-limited scout events in PES Club Manager. These scout events will cost you PES coins, but are paramount for building up a healthy scouting list. One of the most economical scout events is the Scout 24 as shown below where for just 10 PES coins, you get a random 5-star player.

Invitation letters

PES Club Manager occasionally hosts events that allow you to play in exhibition matches against AI teams. You will get a random player from that team for free if you beat them. These teams tend to be weakened in terms of overall rating and thus easier to beat, so don’t be intimidated by football powerhouses like FC Barcelona.

National Team Challenge Spin Tour shown below is my most favourite invitation event in PES Club Manager. Not only do you get national team players from beating national teams, but you also get to reap decent rewards as you progress along the map.

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