PES Club Manager for beginners: Player development

In order to raise your overall team rating, you need to develop your players. This is an absolutely crucial task for you as the manager to carry out throughout your career in PES Club Manager.

Your team’s overall rating is determined by their attack, defence and teamwork ratings. Good user teams have a base overall rating of above 800, but you won’t encounter such teams in the Beginner Division.

You could choose to get only 6-7 star players in your first team and inflate your overall team rating very quickly. But you don’t have the resources or the luxury to do this in Beginner Division. And even if a player has a 7-star rating, it does not mean that training is not essential.

Individual player training with the help of trainers is the main way to develop your players in PES Club Manager. Your players’ abilities will rise at a faster rate with training in addition to playing matches regularly.

Player training

To begin training your players, go to “Player development”. Select the player you want to train, assign a trainer to him and select a training session.

Training sessions comprise of ability boost, learning a new player skill or learning a new position. You then need to play a certain number of matches to complete the training depending on the trainer you use.

There will be a recommended training session for each player, but I suggest not going on autopilot and always picking the recommended one. For example, there is not much point in training the defensive abilities of hole players that like to attack a lot.

Just like players, trainers are obtained mainly from contacts. To assess your trainer list, go to “Contract” and press on “Trainer Management”.

Everything that is circled in red below are important things to look out for from a trainer. Training efficiency determines the number of matches you have to play to complete the training. Ability boost grants additional increase in player abilities when training. Trainer skills grant further boost when training players that fall under a certain criteria.

In the example above, I am using a trainer that grants additional ability boost when training defenders and goalkeepers. Ludwig Augustinsson is a left back and, thus, satisfies this condition.

Don’t forget that trainers can only conduct a limited number of training sessions before they leave the club. This is denoted by the number whistle icons next to the trainer’s profile picture.

The higher the level of your training facility, the more players you can train at one go. This is one building you should prioritise upgrading in your hometown first.

Trainer contacts are also easy to obtain. Look out for the common but valuable “Silver Trainer Contact” from rewards, which gives you a random 5-7 star trainer.

In general, I use 6-7 star trainers to train my best-performing players and 4-5 star trainers to train other players. I avoid 1-3 star trainers altogether because they tend to provide quite little with regards to player development.

Also, there is a mid-season training camp every season for you to boost your team’s overall rating in attack, defence or teamwork. Conducting the training camp will cost you a sum of GP.

I would use this training camp to boost your attack or defence depending on what your team is lacking. Teamwork is easily improved by ensuring your first team plays together regularly.

Special traits

Special trait is an individual player ability that provides additional boost to his rating under certain match conditions. Special traits can be leveled up.

Look at Martin Škrtel below as an example. His special trait is “Counter Tormentor” and his ability increases when facing counter-attacking opposition. But this sort of special trait is dependent on the opponent’s playstyle and, therefore, may not be active during every match he plays.

Some players in your scouting list may already possess special traits. You can set special traits for 5-7 star players using special coaches, which are mainly obtained from rewards. But that’s not the only way.

As weird as it sounds, you can convert a player from your scouting list into a coach that can be used to give a player a special trait or level up his existing special trait. But doing this will cause you to lose that player from your scouting list permanently.

I do not consider setting special traits as important as individual player development, and I would only do so for players that are performing well on a consistent basis.

Limit break

Have a player that plays amazingly well for your team? Want him to transcend limits and be the best that he can possibly be?

There is a limit break option in PES Club Manager that increases the maximum possible value of a player’s stats by 2. Unfortunately, you can only limit break players that are of 6-7 star rating.

Limit break coaches can be obtained from rewards or by converting 6-7 star players in your scouting list. Take a look at David Beckham below. I had performed a limit break on him twice, which raised his maximum stats value from 102 to 106. This allowed me to train him to an overall rating of 107.

It is difficult to develop players to 100+ overall rating without performing limit breaks. Limit break coaches are harder to obtain as compared to special traits, so save them for the best players in your team.

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