PES Club Manager: Managing an association

Being the president of an association was completely unforeseen as I never intended to start my own association in PES Club Manager.

But earlier in May, the presidency of the association that I am part of, a Malaysian association named “We Are The Champion”, was automatically transferred to me because the previous president did not log into PES Club Manager for a long time.

It has been more than a month since I was made president, and I have managed to transform it from a relatively inactive state to a much more active association. And there was no need for me to personally engage with any of the members to convince them to be more active (I can’t do that in the first place anyway).

Association is full at the moment. We are currently at Level 4.

In this post, I will share some important things you need to know when running an association, and a few tips on how to keep your association active.

Association level

The association level is determined by the number of A-Medals. A-Medals are earned by association members and are rewarded to the association when you finish in the top 3 of a league, reach the finals of a league cup or reach the knockout rounds of an online cup.

The higher the division you are in, the more A-Medals you earn. These A-Medals are shared among the entire association, and your record of A-Medals will be deleted if you leave the association.

The maximum level of an association is 10. The higher the association level, the larger bonus you earn towards your Managers Score at the end of the season. And as you already know, Managers Score is needed to qualify for the monthly online cups.

So, an association that remains at a low level for a long time clearly denotes an inactive association. The members are not regularly playing season matches, let alone taking part in association events whenever they drop by.

The best association event to gauge the activeness of your association is the “Chain of Goals” event. This event just requires your members to score as many goals as possible within the event’s time period. Scoring goals result in earning Cheer points, and the more Cheer points the association earns, the better the reward served at the end of the event.

In the recent Chain of Goals event in late May, my association reaped the best possible reward because most of the members were playing as many matches as possible.



This is the most crucial section in this post as your recruitment dictates the activeness of the association. How can you guarantee that whoever you recruit will be active in the long run?

No, of course you can’t. But I can make a guess that if you are new to PES Club Manager (i.e. In the Beginner division), it is less likely that you will quit the game that soon.

Managers in the Beginner Division are also good to have because it is much easier to win the league and league cup in this division, which means MORE A-Medals for the association and FASTER progression to the next association level.

PES Club Manager has an option that allows the president to send out random invitations to managers unaffiliated to any association. This is highly desirable as finding one manager at a time to invite is obviously too time-consuming.

I targeted Malaysian managers because this is a Malaysian association after all. I managed to recruit more than 15 members within 2 weeks, almost all of them from the Beginner Division. And till today, they are still relatively active in the game.

In order to make space for new members, you also have to do the unpleasant job of expelling members that are inactive. I decided to expel anyone that was inactive for more than 50 days, which resulted in half of the association being kicked out before I started recruiting.

Association players

Registering players from your player list as association players is a good way to help other members of the association, which could in turn keep them interested in PES Club Manager. Association players need to be from the latest season (i.e. 2018-19 players as of today).

Association players will remain on the list for 7 days, and can be signed by any association member up to 3 times within that time period.

Once signed, the association player will remain on that manager’s team until the end of the season. You CANNOT extend an association player’s contract beyond the end of the season.

Ivan Perišić has been signed 3 times already, so he cannot be signed by another member

Other caveats of association players are that they cannot participate in online cups and you cannot train or assign them with special traits.

So, why offer your players to the association? Firstly, it only costs GP to sign them, which is a less valuable resource compared to PES Coins. If an association member signs your player, you get rewarded with FP, which can be used to purchase player contacts, special coaches and even limited time offer players.

Also, even though you “loaned” your player to the association, that player did not actually leave your team. You can still play him during your season matches!

Once again, association level plays an important part here. The higher your association level, the more players you can register in the association. You will also be able to register more players of higher rarities (i.e. 5-7 star players).


In conclusion, while there are some things you can do as president to make the association enticing, there really isn’t much work you need to do. You can’t force people to take part in events or log in regularly. Just make sure that you yourself don’t disappear from PES Club Manager for too long, otherwise your presidency will be auto-forfeited.

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