Onward to a new chapter in life!

It’s time to share an important update on my life. Recently on 16th July, I graduated from the University of Manchester with my Master of Pharmacy. My time as a university student is done, but my time in UK isn’t up yet.

The past 4 years in University of Manchester has been a really enjoyable ride!

I will be doing a 1-year pre-registration training in a community pharmacy in York starting next month. For those that aren’t aware, pre-registration training is a mandatory “on-the-job” training before you can register as a pharmacist. In the UK, pre-registration training lasts for 1 year. What happens to me after I complete pre-registration training and pass the pharmacist registration exam remains to be seen.

As for my blog, regular readers will probably notice that I am writing less on games. I also don’t write on darts anymore. There really isn’t much for me to cover on PES Club Manager (for now at least) and I don’t play a variety of video games due to lack of time.

However, I may consider writing on Hearthstone–the only computer game I play regularly–in the future. I have tried making a few Youtube guides on the basics of Hearthstone in the past few months, which can be found here. But do note that these videos are targeted towards beginner players, NOT those who have no idea what Hearthstone is about. FYI, I don’t aspire to become a Youtuber–these videos were created just for fun.

My blog appears to be gravitating more towards writing on travels than games nowadays. But with pharmacist pre-registration training, I may not have much time to travel around too. So I might need to consider new categories in the future.

For now though, the time has come for me to transition from student to working adult life, and to focus on building my career.

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