PES Club Manager: Areas for improvement

Here is something different for PES Club Manager content. Instead of a guide, I want to share my biggest concerns with the game. Although I still regard PES Club Manager as the best football manager game out there, there are some significant flaws.

I greatly appreciate that over the past number of months, Konami has been releasing engaging events on a regular basis, and was rather generous with the amount of free rewards. I also liked the move by Konami to update the 2018-19 player ratings 4 times this season, instead of the previous twice a season, to more accurately reflect how the players are performing throughout the season.

However, I can’t help but feel annoyed and bewildered by a few of the flaws that have been present in PES Club Manager since I started playing in October 2016. I really hope that the following 3 issues could be addressed, ideally when the new season update is released later this year.

1) Unable to set tactics during online cup matches

Although I still haven’t won an online cup yet, I have previously reached the semi-finals 5 times and finished runner-up once. After all these years, the most glaring problem with online cups (apart from Manager Champions Cup) remains: You have NO control over your team tactics and substitutions during the match.

Yes, this is a key characteristic of online cups. Matches are meant to be played out automatically. But can we at least have some control over substitutions?

Substitutions in online cups are set as automatic, so you have no say over which substitute gets used. But why can’t we get to prioritise which substitute we want to use depending on the state of the game? It would be good if we could have a defender come on to preserve a close lead. Or have your super sub come on to break the deadlock.

As for tactics, wouldn’t it be good if we could switch to a more offensive formation at half-time when behind?

But since the only thing you can control in online cups is your team lineup and tactics BEFORE each match, matches can be lost because PES Club Manager decides that you should only use one substitute (or none at all), or your less impactful substitute should be brought on.

To have absolutely no say over what happens at half-time or which substitutes should be used depending on the match state seems ridiculous.

Imagine being knocked out and left wondering about what could have been if your preferred substitute was brought on. Losing in the online cup due to a bad game mode design is just unacceptable.

2) No incentive to play youth players

There don’t seem to be any incentive to scout and train youth players. The only exception is that sometimes PES Club Manager temporarily boosts the chances of scouting 4-6 star youth players, but this promotion hardly happens.

It is quite difficult to scout 5-star youth players, and I have never gotten a 6-star youth player before. Considering how easy it is to obtain 5-star players from player contacts, why would I want to wait 16-24 hours for the youth scout to present me with a bunch of youth players that are mostly 4-star rating and below?

I have been ignoring my youth academy for a long time because I already have a healthy scouting list.

But the biggest issue with youth players is that they CANNOT be used in the Special Class category of online cups. This is because youth players are not assigned a season class, so you can’t tell straightaway if the youth player was scouted in the 2018-19 season or the seasons before that.

The obvious solution to this is to simply assign the youth players a season class. And to increase the viability of youth players, maybe PES Club Manager should increase the scouting rate of 5-6 star youth players.

3) Ambiguous club data

You can view your club status and ranking under club data. Rating points determine your club ranking. The better you do in your league and the more goals you score, the more rating points you earn. You also earn more rating points if you play in the higher division categories.

My main problem with the club rankings in PES Club Manager is that I don’t know what I need to do to improve my club rank and status. Take a look at my profile below (I am currently in Super Star Division 4 at the time of this writing):


For a game with more than 32 million players, being in the top 15,000 in the world should easily make me a great player right? But club ranking fluctuates drastically.

Retaining in a season can result in my world ranking shooting down by more than ten thousand places. But strangely, my ranking can also improve without playing any season matches! I can’t explain why club ranking can change so randomly.

My club status is currently rank B and “Elite”. But for many seasons prior, I was at rank C and rated as “Veteran”. All I did was win promotion in 3 consecutive seasons, and I managed to improve my rank. But I do recall in the past that doing this does not always improve my club status.

If only PES Club Manager included a progression bar to show how far you are from improving your club rank and status. But in fact, they didn’t even reveal the full range of possible club statuses in the game. I don’t know how good an “Elite” status really is.

I suppose the majority of PES Club Manager players that have been playing for a long time strive to be among the best. But if rank places, club ranks and statuses can change so erratically, how do I know where my true standard is?

Do we just compare achievements in order to determine who is better? And if so, am I not that great since I have not won an online cup, have not progressed past Survival League Level 2 and didn’t even win every single Domestic League trophy once? There’s just so many questions, but very few answers.


These are the major issues that I have with PES Club Manager. Do you agree with me? Or are there more annoying things in the game? Let me know by leaving a comment below. If you have other suggestions for improvement, please share them too.

5 thoughts on “PES Club Manager: Areas for improvement

  1. Hi Yishywan,
    Love your contents on the game. I just started playing since 2 months ago. And for f2p game konami is quite generous in giving out rewards and free items through events. I’ve been hoarding lots of 6 & 7 star players. My question is, when the new season comes, does the scouting list maintain?


    1. Hello! Your 2018-19 players will not be deleted when the new season update comes.
      If you want to quickly build up your 2019-20 players in the scouting list after the update, I recommend using the trade scout function regularly to exchange your 2018-19 players for them. Do save your player contacts for the new season too.


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