PES Club Manager: Season 2019-20 update!

The new 2019-20 season update for PES Club Manager finally arrived on 30th October. Along with updating the players and teams for the new season, PES Club Manager has made a number of changes to the game. Here, I will cover a few of the significant ones.

Player adjustments

Probably the most important change in PES Club Manager to make the game less infuriating. The developers have finally made some changes to the game experience by ensuring that players do fewer stupid things on the pitch.


To me, the most significant adjustments are:

  • Players making fewer careless back passes to the defence line.
  • Players will dribble more if there is space in front of them, instead of just shooting.
  • Players do not just run alongside or maintain distance with the dribbling opponent player.

The third point gave me the biggest relief of them all. There have been too many times in the past when my defenders simply allowed the opposition’s forwards to score just because they don’t want to close them down. That did cost me a number of wins and really pissed me off.

Glory points

Players now have a career record log—which can be found under Player Details—that records noteworthy achievements during their playing career. The harder the achievement, the more glory points that player gains.

Keep in mind that glory points can only be attained from achievements made this season; all player accomplishments from 2018-19 season DO NOT count.

Only the top 3 most difficult achievements will feature in the active career record, and be considered when calculating glory points

So what’s the point of glory points? When you face an opponent, the team with the higher number of glory points will have a +10 overall team rating bonus during the match.

Personally, I do not feel that this provides a big advantage over your opponent, but I suppose every little bit counts in the end.

Manager Pass

Manager Pass can be assessed from the main menu. In order to earn points in the Manager Pass, you need to play season matches or have players become eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.

The more points you accumulate, the better rewards you unlock. But I find the rewards in the free pass to be very underwhelming. The end reward trophy can be displayed in your user details if you want to show how dedicated you are in playing PES Club Manager.

Rewards for the free Manager Pass

You could use real world currency to purchase club-themed Manager Pass that offer more cosmetics and useful rewards. Currently, there are passes for Barcelona, Inter Milan and Bayern Munich.


And of course, don’t forget the free stuff that comes with such a major game update. The 2019-20 season update is themed after Bayern Munich, one of the new official partner clubs of Konami.

Players that log in now can get a free 7-star Bayern Munich player and the 6-star player Serge Gnabry (also from Bayern Munich at this time) because he is an ambassador of PES Club Manager.

Players can also get a free 4-7 star player from the 2019-20 season every day simply by logging into PES Club Manger. Now is definitely a good time to start building up your scouting list with new season players.

Although no new game modes were introduced and none of the changes I suggested in my last PES Club Manager post were implemented, I am, on a whole, quite contented with the new season update.

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