PES Club Manager: Improving player acquisition for the new season update

Konami recently announced that the new season update for PES Club Manager 2020-21 season will be on 4th November. So, it’s time to talk about what I hope for next season.

Unfortunately, Konami has not implemented any of the changes that I wished for in my pre new season update post last year. There were no changes to the gameplay of Online Cups and the youth academy is still as pointless as ever.

Instead of repeating the same things again, I’m more interested in how PES Club Manager can improve the viability of a few player acquisition options.

As mentioned before, succeeding in PES Club Manager is predominantly about having strong and well-developed players. If your team is a good deal stronger than your opponent, countering your opponent’s strategy is insignificant. Therefore, it is really important to accumulate a strong scouting list for the future.

Konami was quite generous throughout the 2019-20 season with freebies to help us with team development. There were regular events like Campaign Scout (Free 5-7 star player from a league of your choice every day) and Bruno’s Journey (Free trainers and coaches just from playing matches).

We were spoilt with free or discounted good players from the European leagues. We even managed to get a few legendary players during events without spending any PES coins. Due to all these, other scouts or ways to sign players became far less appealing.

The worst of them all is the Market. Even till today, I still have not seen a single 5-7 star player in the Market. The Market is really pointless in the Regular Division, and I would rather use youth players if I want to challenge myself to play 3-4 star players in that division.

PES Club Manager mentioned that the Market is made up of random players and players that were sold by other users. I don’t know how these random players were determined, and I don’t see the point in them. If the Market comprises entirely of players sold by other users and a number of them are 5-star players, that would certainly make it more viable. Placing 1 PES coin to bid for a 5-star player in GP sounds worth it as GP is a lot easier to earn than PES coins.

Also, I feel that the scout exclusive to players from Meiji Yasuda J1 and J2 Leagues has failed miserably. In the 2019-20 season update, Konami, being a Japanese company itself, introduced this scout to show more love to the Japanese League (That’s what I suppose).

Every day, you pay 20 PES coins to get one player from a club of your choice. After which, every player you sign will cost 30 coins.

However, the only 6-star player in Japanese club football is Andrés Iniesta from Vissel Kobe. There are also just two other 5-star players, one of which is Thomas Vermaelen from Vissel Kobe too. Since there is an equal chance to get any player in this scout and Vissel Kobe has 27 players, the probability of getting Iniesta or Vermaelen is a miserly 3.7%!

Compare the J League scout to the 5-Round Scout event. You pay 10 coins to get one 5-7 star player in the first round and 30 coins to get one 6-7 star player in the second round. As if this alone doesn’t show how worthless the J League scout is, the probability (based on the latest event) of getting a 7-star player in any round is 5%!

Round 1 of the 5-Round Scout is already far more worth than the J League scout

To be fair, Konami tried something recently to enhance the attractiveness of J league players. They made a Players of the week scout showcasing players that performed well for that matchday. All players in this scout were improved to 5-6 star rating and had Player of the Moment special trait along with improved players skills and ability stats.

6 of the 11 players had 6-star rating, and you pay 30 coins to scout one player

However, Konami didn’t do this again. As of today, matchday 17 in the J League has already passed and we still haven’t gotten another Players of the week scout since matchday 8.

It is safe to say that the viability of the J League scout has absolutely no chance of competing with European league scouts unless they do this Players of the week scout on a more regular basis. Even a Players of the month scout for J League players every month would suffice.

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