PES Club Manager season update: New game mode

The 2020-21 new season update in PES Club Manager arrived on 4th November. And sadly, there was only one new feature added, which was the Private League.

The other changes in the new season update were merely the expected stuff like roster updates, improving the quality of scouts and improving player in-game actions to minimise the number of dumb things they do on the field.

Thus, the focus of this post will be on the new game mode. I took part in a Private League that was hosted on 12th November. This was hosted by another user and had 10 participants in total.

The Private League can be created by any user. The host sets the number of participants and invites other users to play in the league. A minimum of 70% of the places must be filled by the time the league begins, otherwise it will be cancelled.

Each person faces every other user once by initiating home matches. There is a set time interval between matches which has to expire before you can initiate your next home match.

The league can be set in a way that you will forfeit your match if you don’t complete it before your next match’s kick-off time OR if you have uncompleted matches by the end time of the league. Forfeiting a match is an automatic 3-0 loss for you.

The match interval was set at 10 minutes, but the interval for me to initiate my next home match was actually 20 minutes.

Funnily enough, nobody (not even the host) remembered or bothered to take part in the Private League that I was involved in. Thus, I was made champion despite not playing all my matches.

Apart from the no-show by everyone else, I have to say that my Private League experience was very underwhelming because I discovered that there were no incentives to play this game mode. There are no rewards for winning the league, let alone participating in it.

Also, you can’t strengthen your players while playing in the Private League since their stats don’t change after each match. And you don’t earn any Managers Score too.

The Private League is currently in beta mode, and I believe Konami intends to make improvements to it. I strongly suggest implementing a rewards system into this game mode, otherwise it feels no different from simply playing friendly matches with your friends in PES Club Manager.

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